Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25ish

Been ordering things like crazy to get this project moving. Got the front and back end harnesses to completely replace the electrial wiring. Now hopefully someone will have the time to install it all. That is something I would never ever attempt. But then the car should actually pass inspection at that point. Oh, if I bolt the seats back down. Is that a requirement? Thank God seatbelts aren't.
Replaced the battery terminals and cables today. Still think I need a new battery. Just not cranking hard enough. And it's old. Might just say screw it and replace it,because I'm tired of messing around with it. This will be like the 4th 6 volt battery I've put in the Chief. Watched one get fried by a guy who didn't believe me you couldn't just jump a 6 volt with a regular jump box. Sparks .. arcs... Good night battery....Then he tried to play it of like it didn't I was saying "See........" He was just trying to be nice though, helping me get the car started. This was years ago when the car was parked outside the Blue Plate in Chatham.
I also talked to the guys at California Pontiac Restoration again, they're getting to know me now and they're really nice. Ordered a carb rebuild kit and all the fixins for the choke etc.Which in turn leads to the thinking ...if I"m rebuilding this carb, do I really want some old rusty gas gettin in there? So now I gotta figure out how to get the Chief up in the air enough to drop the gas tank and have it "Renu'ed" up in Albany. They'll completely restore it which is cool and will be worth the $$.
Baby steps, baby steps. But hey I wasn't planning on having ANYTHING done by this time so it's all bonus. Along with that 1/2 a cuban cigar I found in the ashtray.....

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