Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8 Day One

OK, today was nothing more than having Narciso come over just we could feel like we've started this thing. We got the hood up which had jammed shut. Battery was dead, no crank whatsoever. I expected that though. We took the distributor cap off, thinking that maybe he hadn't been firing up before this because the plugs were in the wrong sequence.( just a note, if I use the wrong words to describe parts, give me a break, I am NO mechanic though I hope to learn a lot from this project)We have the firing order, but have to wait til the shop manual gets here later in the week, or at least wait til he's charged up so Narciso can see which piston fires first, then we know what's number one. Or something like that. I understood what he was talking about.Even in Spanglish.
So at the end of Day one, the Chief's massive 6 volt battery is sitting getting charged....that's it.....but still it feels good to be out poking around under the hood, even if he hasn't budged an inch.

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  1. That damn 6 volt system is my Desoto's Kryptonite. I'd love to change it to a 12 volt but Mickey won't hear of it.

    BTW I might have a repair/tune up manual for your chief if you need.